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Coaching Taster Programme

Whether you are feeling stressed, stuck, doubtful, demotivated or just want to increase your performance at work, this 4-week support programme is an effective professional development experience to take your career to the next level.

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Valid until Nov 24.

What's included in the taster programme?

  • Your personalised Career Audit

Self-led reflective questionnaire reviewed by your Career Development Coach.

This allows to define your career vision, goal(s) and clarify the specific challenge(s) you want to tackle as part of this programme. The output helps us prioritise the area of focus during our sessions together. It's also an effective way for me to gain some insights about your thinking patterns in relation to your career. 

  • 1x 60-min coaching session (one-to-one)

We will agree on the focus of this session following your Career Diagnostic.
Here is how some of our clients ha
ve used this coaching session in the past:

  • Create an action plan to turn a career ambition into reality

  • Take concrete steps towards a promotion or role transition

  • Generating new ideas for a career transition /generating new career ideas

  • Gaining awareness and selecting tools to feel more positive at work

  • Becoming more efficient with job application process

  • Developing habits for wellbeing at work

  • Determining business idea (entrepreneurs) or niche (coaches)

  • And more... 

You will leave the session with realistic and motivating steps to move forward and reach your objective.

  • Self-coaching resources
    These resources are based on the topics that were discussed during the session and email support.

  • 1x 30-min follow up session (one-to-one)
    This is where we check in to see how much progress you have made, what you found challenging, what you are proud of. We structure the insights and define new actions for you to progress even further.

£175 |$215 USD | 200€

The coaching sessions can take place during day time, evenings or weekends at a convenient time. 

These sessions can be run in English or French.

You are able to book your consultation and follow-up session within a year of purchase.

Retrain Expo visitors: Add the code SHOWOFFER23 at checkout

Valid until Nov 24.

After your purchase, please allow 24 hours to receive your Career Audit. This will empower you to clarify your goals, challenges and expectations.


Once the audit is complete, you will determine the goal and focus of the coaching session through an email exchange with your coach.


After your coaching session, you will receive follow up prompts and activities to pursue your personal and career growth for 3 weeks.

During the last week of the programme, you will have your follow up session to review the progress that you have made and work through any challenges that are still in your way. This is also an opportunity to plan for the milestones ahead.

On a Video Call

Who is this service for?

This service is for you if:

  • You are considering a career transition but feel stuck or unsure about how to approach it.

  • You are experiencing a lack of inspiration or motivation in your career.

  • You feel stressed, overwhelmed or negative about your work situation.

  • Your confidence at work is holding you back and you want to find ways to unlock your potential.

  • You want to become a leader (or better leader) and accelerate your growth.

  • You are aiming for a promotion and want to ensure that you are well prepared for it.

Meet your coach

44213A40-36B4-4EA3-92BE-11D2DF444017 (1).png

Hi there,

I am Mathilde but you can call me Mattie.
I am an ICF certified coach and positive psychology practitioner with over a decade of experience helping businesses from start ups to big corporations expand their online presence. I have been employed, self-employed and I am now a fulfilled entrepreneur. I've worked in four different countries and managed teams spread out across the globe.

So far, my career has given me the chance (that's how I see it now, at least!) to experience the highs and lows of the corporate, start-up and entrepreneur worlds, the good and bad of a working from home life, the feelings of being unstoppable but also the overwhelming periods of doubts, work exhaustion and feeling stuck. I have been through numerous phases of questioning about my purpose, my career success, the meaning of work. I went through a number career transitions who led me to the become the fulfilled mum, wife, friend and entrepreneur that I am today. 


I am on a mission to help individuals around the world feel inspired, valued and fulfilled in their professional life.


To do so, I use science-based methodologies, tools and transformational activities to help turn a bad day, week, month or year(s) into opportunities for a happy and thriving future.


I look forward to personalising what I have learned to your circumstances so that you too, can take your Career Happiness to the next level.

Kind words from my clients

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''A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are''

Ara Parseghian

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