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introducing our signature Career happiness Programme

Career Composer

Your key to finally do work that you love.

If you feel unhappy with your career, rest assured, you are not alone...
A global poll conducted by Gallup has uncovered that out of the world’s one billion full-time workers, only 15% of people are engaged at work. That means that an astronomical 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs

"I created this Programme to fill the ''Happiness Gap'' in our education system"


We spend on average 90,000 hours working in our lives so it is crucial to learn how to be happy at work and with our work. This programme aims to fix this ''Happiness Gap'' because if our career doesn't work, it has a multiplying effect on other areas of our lives.

It's time to make your career fulfilling again

Career Happiness

Work should make you feel engaged, energised and stimulated.

This programme combines a series of coaching, positive psychology and design thinking techniques to unlock your potential and help you embark on a fulfilling career path.

Some examples of techniques used include deep questioning, future visualisation, strength fluency, value elicitation, goal setting, mind mapping, skills card sorting, etc. All of these techniques aim to help you design a path around the 4 core components of IKIGAI:

Coaching (1).png
Below are some of the most common challenges, beliefs and thinking patterns that clients face when they reach out...
 Young Woman Contemplating

I am not good enough

Image by christopher lemercier

What I do isn't meaningful

Sad Portrait

If I fail, I'll be rejected

Pocket Watch

I keep procrastinating

Image by Toa Heftiba

I feel stuck

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

I can't make a decision

...and this is how clients feel after this programme
Happy Woman
''The way Mattie questioned and challenged me helped me re-discover my inner potential.''
''Mattie has a gift for enabling me to consider things from new perspectives and this has given me more confidence with my life choices.''
''Mathilde has unlocked some limiting beliefs I had harboured for a long time about my career.''

Career Composer aims to awaken your talent so that you can create meaningful impact and consciously build your legacy.

If you are visiting this page, you are likely to have a unique combination of talents that hasn't been fully tapped into just yet.

This programme will bring to light the magic hidden in you.


The world is waiting for you to step into the role that you deserve and make a difference, in your own way.

This programme will help you see new possibilities to create your impact.


We want you to leave a legacy that you are proud of to the generations to come. We want you to be empowered to choose what your legacy will be.

This programme will give you the keys to consciously build your legacy. 

Step onto a professional path that is fully aligned with who you are.

Apply for The Career Happiness Programme

A few words about me and my vision


Hi there,

I am Mathilde but you can call me Mattie.
I am a career coach and positive psychology practitioner with over a decade of experience helping businesses from start ups to big corporations expand their online presence. I have been employed, self-employed and I am now a fulfilled entrepreneur. I've worked in four different countries and managed teams spread out across the globe.

So far, my career has given me the chance (that's how I see it now, at least!) to experience the highs and lows of the corporate, start-up and entrepreneur worlds, the good and bad of a working from home life, the feelings of being unstoppable but also the overwhelming periods of doubts, work exhaustion and feeling stuck. I have been through numerous phases of questioning about my purpose, my career success, the meaning of work. I went through a number career transitions who led me to the become the fulfilled mum, wife, friend and entrepreneur that I am today. 


I am on a mission to help individuals around the world feel inspired, valued and fulfilled in their professional life.


To do so, I use science-based methodologies, tools and transformational activities to help turn a bad day, week, month or year(s) into opportunities for a happy and thriving future.


I look forward to personalising what I have learned so far through my studies and life experiences to your circumstances so that you too, can take your Career Happiness to the next level.

The world is changing.
Now is the perfect time to focus on your Career Happiness.
Businesswoman with Mask

The Covid-19 pandemic has opened the door to a new era in the working world: more self-employed, more flexibility, more remote work, more globalisation of resources, more uncertainty.


In parallel, technology and social media have significantly increased our exposure to a ''world of perfection'' (we see others with a perfect body, perfect house, perfect job, perfect family, perfect children, etc.). Of course, this world of perfection demands nothing short of perfectionism from us and this has led many to fall into the trap of excessive self-criticism.

Remote working normalised

It completely transforms the way we used to work and interact at work. It can bring a sense of loneliness and disconnect too.

on the rise

Companies and customers are looking for more flexibility which has contributed to the development of the gig economy supported by the self-employed.

Demand for ethical and personal brands

Brand and personal values have been brought at the forefront of the decision making when it comes to consumption which created new opportunities.

Communication transformed

Social media has increased how fast we connect and communicate and how exposed we are to  ''perfection'' which impact our confidence.

Career Composer has been developed to help you turn the work trends into your advantage

Clarify Your
Career Goals

This will help you navigate this unprecedented period effectively and minimise feelings of stress and overwhelm.

Invest In Your
Personal Development

This is key to grow emotional intelligence, a skill that companies and customers look for in brands and talents.

Develop Your
Career Agility Skills

These skills allow you to adapt and perform within a professional landscape that's constantly changing and evolving.

Express your Singularities

They are a unique blend of skills, experiences, strengths and personality traits that help pursue a specific purpose.

The Programme will transform the way you think about yourself and your professional life.
Apply for The Career Happiness Programme
Career Happiness Programme

At the end of this programme, you will finally know what you really want, why you want it and how to go about getting it.

You will have unlocked 5 essential tools to thrive in your career:


1- Gained clarity on what you want out of your career

2- A tailored plan of action to blaze your authentic career trail

3- Rewired your mind for confidence and abundance


4- Let go of any beliefs that was getting in your way

5- A toolkit to enhance your career happiness for the rest of your working life

This Programme is a good match for you if you belong to one (or several) of the 3 groups below



We support professionals looking to improve their career wellbeing (reduce stress, improve work/life harmony, manage difficult working relationships with boss or colleagues), take their role to the next level, get a pay rise or increase their performance (productivity, networking, creative problem solving, etc.).



If you are looking to start a new career path but aren't sure how to get started or what this career path should be, then you are in the right place, our 1:1 sessions are perfect to help you gain clarity on how to make decisions and take actions to move forward. 


If you have the entrepreneur gene but are unsure what business to start, this programme is perfect for you. Whether you have no idea, some ideas or too many ideas, we take you through our proprietary methodology to uncover a business idea with potential (we vet it!) that's completely tailored to you. 

By joining this programme, you get access to a
space without judgement where you can share the truth about your doubts, your fears, your struggles and challenges.

Most importantly, it is also a place where you will be able to calibrate your ideas, take risks, be vulnerable and grow.

What's included in Career Composer?

The Career Composer includes the items listed below, each personalised to you:

  • A Career Happiness Diagnostic
    It is a unique questionnaire developed to assess the core components that you need to feel happy in your professional life.  


  • 60-min one-to-one sessions
    They can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, run in English or French. The number of sessions is personalised to each client and will confirmed once your application has been reviewed.


  • Personal development & business accelerator activities
    They are self-led and suggested in between the one-to-one sessions. They help you accelerate your growth and reach your goals faster.


  • Career development journal
    It includes prompts to go deeper on specific topics discussed during our sessions and uncover new insights.


  • Career Happiness Toolkit
    To gain self-awareness, create positive habits and empowering beliefs so that you can feel sustainably happy in your career. 


  • Text and email support
    As and when needed 

From £547

Apply today

Limited spots only

Investing in yourself is hard. I know, I've been there. That is why I want to completely de-risk this decision for you.
If you sign up and realise later on that this
programme isn't what you need right now,
just email us and we'll refund you.
No questions asked.

I want to be paid for the value I generate. My mission is to help you feel fulfilled and inspired with your work, so if this programme doesn't get you closer to feeling happy in your career, we will happily refund you. 

Now, if you are still unsure about your decision, here is something else that might help you decide: 

Receive 3 self-coaching questions to help you decide whether or not you should apply for this programme.

TEXT or email us ''DECISION''

''You are worth every penny of this investment because you are your most sustainable source of wealth. I only truly understood this after a career transition which took me over 3 years...''


Mattie, Zest Ambition


What clients say

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Gold Navy Real Estate Review Instagram P
Gold Navy Real Estate Review Instagram P
Gold Navy Real Estate Review Instagram P

Our Career Happiness Programme is
the first step towards the future you want.

The big question you need to answer before signing up is:
How committed are you to take control of your career & future?

Committed means that you believe that things can change (you don't need to know how they will change, you just need to trust that they can change). Committed also means that you are ready and willing to dedicate time to making this work (~15 minutes per day outside of the sessions).

This commitment is like a promise to yourself that you
want and will find ways to create a happy career, with my support, of course.


If you decide that you are committed to your future happiness, then, you are ready to reserve your spot and I am delighted and excited to welcome you to the Zest Ambition family. I can't wait to watch you grow and blaze a fulfilling and authentic trail for your career.


''The time, effort and money you invest into yourself will have a direct impact on the quality of life you experience now and well into the future.''


Endeavour MutualBank 


If you have any doubts or hesitations about whether or not this programme is well suited for your circumstances, please use this form to share a little bit about yourself and we'll help you out.

Thank you for getting in touch, you will hear from us soon!

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