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Welcome to Zest Ambition

Zest Ambition provides access to a variety of coaching experiences to help you enhance your professional journey. 


Here you can redeem your gift certificate and get started with your career coaching experience!

Congratulations on receiving a Gift Certificate.

What is included in the gift certificates?


Activity to identify which areas of your career need the most attention to increase your sense of fulfilment and achievement.


Depending on the amount credited to your gift certificate, you will have a specific number of individual coaching sessions with your coach.   Each session lasts 60 minutes and can be scheduled directly with the gift recipient at a convenient time during the week or weekend. 

Reflection tracker

The tracker allows you to uncover deep insights about yourself and your career. It is tailored to you based on your coaching conversations during each session.



What happens in between sessions is often just as important as what happens during the sessions. Your coach is here to support you through your successes, discoveries and reflections throughout the whole course of your programme.

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Your coach

I worked for over a decade with businesses such as The Wall Street Journal, Zipcar, Bloomberg, The Times, etc. to create unique and engaging customer experiences so they could grow their online revenue.

After becoming a mum, I transitioned my career to start my own coaching practice and support people feeling stuck, doubtful or demotivated find their way to a brighter future. 

My approach to coaching is gentle and holistic (we can cover any topic). I pride myself in striking a fine balance during my sessions between genuine kindness and gentle challenge to help my clients evolve the lense they use to analyse life events.

About me
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