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Interview Coaching

Elevate your interview game with our interview coaching package.

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Our interview coaching package offers a curated set of resources and personalised guidance, ensuring you're well-equipped to navigate any interview confidently. From expert tips to targeted practice, it's your comprehensive toolkit for interview success.

What's included in the interview preparation package?


Interview Success Planner

This unique planner includes an Interview competency assessment, guide for successful interviews, self-coaching interview practice and useful resources.


1:1 coaching session

This is an individual 45-min coaching session with Mattie, certified career coach. This session can be used to prepare for a specific interview or to develop your interview skills.


Self-coaching resources

These are personalised based on your specific needs. They cover areas like self-confidence, stress management, etc.


WhatsApp or Email Support

Your coach is in your back pocket to help you as and when you need her most!

Winter offer: add the code LUCKY23 at checkout

After your purchase, please allow 24 hours to receive your Interview Success Planner.

Your coach will also get in touch so that you can schedule your coaching session.

Take the interview competency assessment

This self-assessment is part of your Interview Success Planner and offers a clear understanding of your strengths and areas of growth when it comes to your interview skills.


Having this visibility allows you to focus your efforts on the skills that you need to develop the most to maximise your interview success rate.

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Discover our guide to successful interviews

This guide is included in the Interview Success Planner and cover the points below:

Tap into the power of storytelling during your interview by using the STAR method

How to answer a challenging question?

How to answer a challenging question?

How to stand out in a crowd of candidates?

How to make the interview a two-way street?

Stressed prior to an interview? Try this simple one-minute grounding practice.

Inner talk to bring confidence and high energy to your interview.

How to avoid filler words when speaking during interviews?

How to conclude an interview with a strong statement?

5 steps for meaningful small talk before or after your interview.

and more...

Is the interview coaching package for you?

Our interview coaching package will help you maximise your chances of success if:

  • You have an important interview scheduled

  • You are currently job hunting and may have several upcoming interviews

  • You would like to have a methodology to prepare for interviews

  • You've lost confidence after a few failed interviews

  • You feel nervous or overwhelmed prior to interviews

  • You want to develop your interview skills


Meet your coach

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With a wealth of experience in the professional arena, I've engaged extensively in the realm of interviews. Over the course of my career, I've taken on the role of interviewer for over more candidates than I can count, delving into their skills, experiences, and potentials. Additionally, I've had the opportunity to navigate the other side of the table, being the interviewee myself numerous times. These multifaceted experiences have granted me an insightful perspective on the intricacies of the interview process. Integrating these experiences with coaching techniques allows me to boost applicants confidence and increase their interview success rate.

''A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are''

Ara Parseghian

Add the code LUCKY23 at checkout

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