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Leadership Assessment

Gain valuable insights into your leadership strengths and areas for development through a comprehensive leadership assessment.


Our Leadership Assessment aims to develop more robust and agile leaders capable of guiding an organisation through the challenges of today's dynamic business landscape.

What's included in the Leadership Assessment?


Introductory call

This is a 15-min conversation with coach who will provide the instructions and ensure that all parties are set up for success.


Leader's self assessment

The leaders evaluate their own leadership style, competencies, and performance.


Stakeholders' assessment

A selected group of stakeholders anonymously assess the leader’s performance.


Personalised leadership report

This report highlights the competency gaps and provides valuable visualisations.


1:1 coaching session

This session is guided by a certified coach and aims to empower leaders to devise a plan for addressing growth areas.

Who is the leadership assessment for?

  • Individuals aspiring to leadership roles

  • Current leaders seeking self-improvement

  • Organisations aiming to identify and develop internal leadership talent

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Overview of the Personalised Leadership Report

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Meet your coach

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Throughout my career, I've held diverse leadership positions, steering teams across international landscapes. I've overseen teams of over 15 individuals, guiding them towards shared objectives and fostering collaborative environments. In my journey, I also collaborated closely with numerous executives with varied leadership styles which gave me some interesting perspectives on how leaders can build empowering work environments or on the contrary, create dysfunctional ones. 

The story behind the creation of the Leadership Assessment

As a coach, I've actively supported professionals on their path to leadership, working with a spectrum of individuals—from seasoned experts transitioning into leadership roles to those newer in their leadership journey. This exposure has enriched my understanding of the unique challenges faced by leaders at different stages of their careers. Recognising the pivotal role of self-awareness in leadership inspired to create the Leadership Assessment which above all, aims to cultivate this vital trait among leaders.

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