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New Year Professional Reset

Empower your career with our 'New Year Professional Reset'—uncover insight, clarity, and motivation to craft a bespoke roadmap for 2024 and beyond, guiding you towards personal satisfaction and professional success.

£150 instead of £250 until 15 Jan 2024.

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Our New Year Professional Reset aims to reinvigorate your career. It is an opportunity to reassess, realign, and refocus your career trajectory, providing the tools and guidance needed to gain clarity, set meaningful goals, and chart a personalised path towards professional fulfilment and success in the coming year.

What's included in the New Year Professional Reset?


Reflective Questionnaire

This is an opportunity to reflect on your career, clarify your ambitions, evaluate your role, competencies, strengths, performance and untapped development potential.


1:1 Coaching Session

This session is guided by a certified coach and aims to provide personalised support  with your career and devise a plan to address growth areas. Before the session, we will agree on the focus to ensure that it is as relevant and valuable as possible.


Professional Roadmap

This report combines insights tailored from your questionnaire responses and will serve as your guide, unlocking the pathways to substantial career growth.


Self-coaching resources
These are activities, frameworks, methodologies, strategies to help you unlock untapped potential.


4 weeks email support

Access a coach in your pocket, empowering and guiding you through every step as you propel your career towards its next milestone.

Who is the New Year Professional reset for?

  • Professionals looking for a job

  • Professionals aspiring to a promotion

  • Professionals considering a career transition

  • Leaders looking to enhance their performance and impact

The reflective questionnaire and coaching experience will be tailored based on your situation.

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Overview of the Personalised Roadmap

Screen Shot 2023-12-19 at 16.29.15.png

The core benefits of doing a professional reset

Runner Crossing Finish Line

It helps clarify your career goals and offers a clear direction for advancement.

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By aligning your career with your values and aspirations, it promotes greater satisfaction.

 Young Woman Contemplating

A reset reignites your motivation, inspiring you towards meaningful progress.

Reading at Home

Implement habits and meaningful changes that will foster your professional growth and fulfilment. 

Professional Attending a Seminar

It identifies areas for improvement and gives you the tools to self-coach.


It leads to improved performance and productivity due to a clearer focus and goal setting.

Meet your coach

44213A40-36B4-4EA3-92BE-11D2DF444017 (1).png

I am an empath at heart, passionate, creative and driven to help others reach their happy place career wise. I used to work too hard, too fast and operated in burnout cycles but I have created new healthy habits and boundaries in my career thanks to the countless hours I have spent studying personal development topics and the investments I have made in coaching, training and certifications.

My mission is to create a society full of happy and talented professionals who have the keys to unlock talent in themselves and others.

Kind words from my clients

The comprehensive 'New Year Professional Reset' is your gateway to a transformative journey that promises to revitalise your career focus, providing you with the tools and support needed to boost your motivation and create a realistic plan to fulfil your aspirations.

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