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Have a coach in your back pocket whilst you walk the highs and lows of your career journey.


Access personalised coaching support via messaging:

  • gain a new perspective on the challenges you face

  • calibrate your ideas

  • boost your creative problem solving skills

  • accelerate decision making

  • regain a sense of inner calm when emotions & frustrations are high

  • strengthen your mindset

  • address automatic negative thoughts


Career Pocket Coaching will bring you support when you need it most to enhance your professional impact, well-being and fulfilment. 

On the Phone

Career Pocket Coaching

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What is Pocket Coaching?

Pocket Coaching is for professionals who prefer ''instant'' support rather than wait for a scheduled coaching session. You are supported via WhatsApp or Telegram giving the opportunity to your coach to provide a ''just in time'' response to a career development need. It is an efficient way to help you shift your emotions, switch on your ''creative problem solving'' mode, develop a positive mindset and build up your confidence. Pocket coaching will lift your mood on a bad day, protect your energy and give you deeper self-awareness that will benefit your career and other areas of your life too.

What is included?

Working Together

Who is it for?

Career Pocket Coaching is for you if:

- you want to transition to a new role or new career

- you want to develop your leadership skills & style

- you want to get promoted

- you feel frustrated, demotivated or burnt out

- you lack confidence or often doubt yourself

- you tend to see or focus on the negative

- you feel uninspired 

- you struggle to set boundaries

- stress or anxiety regularly impact your well-being

- you have untapped potential you want to unlock

- you'd benefit from having a sense of accountability

- you want to break your sabotage cycles

- you need new habits to protect your energy and well-being

- you're looking for a safe space to calibrate your ideas, process your emotions and make smart decisions

Get started
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Discover the power of having a private coaching space where you can be 100% yourself, share your doubts, be vulnerable, calibrate your ideas, boost your motivation and celebrate your wins. 

I'm ready, let's begin!

Pocket Coaching is a game changer for your career 

Together we untangle what is keeping you stuck, unmotivated or frustrated. Our coaching conversations are laser-focused on what is challenging you the most. You will be able to apply the benefits, insights and techniques that you discover in one area to others.

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Kind words from clients

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Gold Navy Real Estate Review Instagram P
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FREE 45-min Private Coaching Session

(worth £95)

Book this consultation at your convenience (whilst your membership is active) when you feel like you need extra personalised support with a specific goal or challenge. 

This is an opportunity for you to initiate transformation and define an action plan to enhance a specific area of your life.

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Money Back Guarantee

I will refund you the total amount, no questions asked, if you realise that pocket coaching isn't for you during the first 14 days after signing up. 

Cancel at any time

I hope that pocket coaching delivers a ton of value for you, however, if you would like to cancel, please simply email me at

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Join a safe, expansive, and co-creative pocket coaching space

Unlock your career happiness with...


To help you overcome 
career challenges ''on the go'', when you need it most. All you need is the Telegram app (it's free).



I will typically answer within a few hours (or a day depending on timezones) and will guide you through relevant and personalised coaching questions.


I will tailor my guidance to your situation and needs so that you can rapidly experience the benefits of coaching.


Your confidentiality is essential. I am GDPR compliant and keep all conversations private.

 £125 | US $150 per month

Risk free14-day trial. Cancel at any time.

Limited Spots Only.
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