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Zest Ambition Services


There is one for every learning style, every schedule and every career need.  

My services aim to support you throughout your transformation journey in the way that is the most relevant, convenient and efficient for you.

Business Consultation

 Career Consultation

This is for you is you want to get the keys to overcome a specific challenge with your career. It can be focused on performance, stress management, setting boundaries, work/life harmony, decision making, etc. After your consultation, you will receive prompts and activities to pursue your personal and career growth for 2 weeks.

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From £350

Career Coaching Programme

This programme is for you if you are at a career crossroad. Together, we will explore possibilities and identify a job or a career path that is truly aligned with who you are. You will embark on a transformative journey where self-discovery, confidence and mindset positivity are brought at the heart of your next professional adventure. 

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 Career Transition Workshop

You can think of these workshops as going to the gym for your career. They are expert-led, interactive and experiential. They have been designed with a unique blend of mentoring and group coaching techniques to help you uncover creative ways to feel more inspired, confident and motivated in your career. 

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