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The People Growth Audit

The starting point to amplify talent in your organisation.

Working Together

Zest Ambition partners with teams and companies who want to unleash the vast, untapped human potential in their organisation to drive performance, wellbeing and fulfilment. We foster coaching mindsets and behaviours which encourage collaboration and empowerment to thrive.

Every improvement strategy starts with knowing the current situation.

The People Growth Audit has been designed to give you the data & insight you need to understand the state of play when it comes to your team's development and accelerate their growth.

The People Growth Audit assesses unexplored potential within 50 competencies related to the six areas of focus displayed on the right.

The output of this audit is a foundation to empower each employee to actively develop their performance, while also taking care of their well-being and enhancing their work fulfilment.

The reports and analyses include three tiers of insights at individual, team and organisational levels.

The insights are compiled from the data collected through interviews and online questionnaires.

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What's included in the people growth audit?


Employee growth report

Each employee receives an individual report which emphasises their areas of strength and development to reach peak performance whilst ensuring well-being and fulfilment.


Team growth report

This report empowers leaders to develop talents in alignment with the strategic priorities of the business.


Organisational growth report

These report raises awareness about the current state of play in the six competencies assessed: Leadership, Performance, Growth Mindset, Wellbeing / Fulfilment, Culture and Team’s alchemy.


Coaching & Development

The People Growth Audit includes a coaching feedback session with each leader. This session aims to delve into the team's report findings, extract valuable insights, and prepare them for upcoming coaching sessions with their direct reports.

This audit interweaves individual and collective development, which makes it transformational for building leadership and organisational performance.

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Is the People Growth Audit a good fit for your organisation?

Our interview coaching package will help you maximise your chances of success if:

  • Commitment to Development: Companies prioritising employee growth and continuous improvement.

  • Dedication to Organisational Growth: Businesses aspiring to foster a culture of growth and innovation.

  • Interest in Data-Driven Insights: Companies eager to leverage data for actionable insights into their workforce.

  • Drive for Continuous Improvement: Organisations dedicated to ongoing learning and advancement for sustained success.

  • Interest in Talent Retention: Organisations looking to retain and develop key talent within their workforce.

  • Seekers of Competitive Edge: Companies aiming to gain a competitive advantage by investing in their human capital.

Meet your coach

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With a wealth of experience in the professional arena, I've engaged extensively in the realm of leadership and people development. Over the course of my career, I've taken on the role of interviewer for over more candidates than I can count, delving into their skills, experiences, and potentials. Additionally, I've had the opportunity to navigate the other side of the table, being the interviewee myself numerous times. These multifaceted experiences have granted me an insightful perspective on the intricacies of the interview process. Integrating these experiences with coaching techniques allows me to boost applicants confidence and increase their interview success rate.

''A good coach will make his players see what they can be rather than what they are''

Ara Parseghian

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