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Your key to feel sustainably fulfilled and inspired in your career.

''It's like going to the gym for your career''

Fiona Livingston

I created a series of 90-min group coaching experiences to address the most common topics I've seen our clients struggling with in their careers. In these workshops you will learn through practical, fun and enlightening activities. You will leave with a toolkit to continue your self-development journey post workshop.

Workshop topics


Workshop dates will be announced soon, join our waiting list to receive updates

Confident Woman

Rewire your brain for unshakable confidence 

Self-confidence is a key skill to flourish in your career. In this workshop, we will give you the opportunity to experiment the impact of taking simple steps to reprogram your brain for confidence.

Paint Swatches

Overcome your career choice paralysis

This workshop aims to get you unstuck. It help you see your career options from a new perspective. You will leave with new ideas and possibilities to explore in order to move forward. 

The Wall of Ideas

Turn your business idea into reality

This workshop is for you if you are an aspiring entrepreneurs with a vague idea of a business you could launch but need a structure and action plan to make your idea and ambition a reality. 

Light Bulb Poster

Find or Refine
Your Business Idea

Step-by-step method to uncover a business idea that feels perfectly aligned with who you are, your experiences, skills and interests. This workshop is for aspiring entrepreneurs at the very beginning of their journey.

I'm interested
Visual Project

Infuse Fun and Happiness In Your Career

In this workshop, we will show you ways to feel more enthusiastic about your career, job and/or role. You will leave with a toolkit to help you feel sustainably happy and inspired in your career. 

I'm interested
Image by Teigan Rodger

Learn To Set Healthy Boundaries At Work

Setting boundaries in your career is a healthy way to protect or improve your work/life harmony. In this workshop, you will learn to feel comfortable to say ''no'' without guilt.

I'm interested
Reading in the Library

Validate Your Business Idea Through Research

This workshop will give you a sense of direction if you have a business but you are unsure whether you could make a living out of it. You will get tips and recommendations to run your market research efficiently so it is focused and on budget.

Stressed Woman

Free Your Mind From Stress And Mental Load

This workshop is for you if you often feel stressed at work or if work stress impacts the rest of your life  (e.g night time insomnia, snapping at family members, etc.). You will learn steps to manage your mental load and feel a new sense of calm and inner peace.

Clock and Plant

 Master Time & Energy Management 

You should attend this workshop if you feel disorganised, constantly running around and always late for something. If your life is centered around ''being busy'' and you never have time to do anything you really want to do, this workshop will literally change your life.

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