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The Home of Career Happiness
Startup Room

Gain invaluable perspective to ignite your career and potential.

Our coaching programmes are designed to help you elevate your thinking, gain clarity and motivation whilst feeling more fulfilled and accomplished.

Who we are

Identify and rewire the subconscious thought patterns that are holding you back.

Zest Ambition was established to forge a community of inspired, conscious, and impactful professionals.


Our primary aim is to aid leaders and aspiring leaders in recognising and overcoming limiting thought patterns that impede their performance and fulfilment. We assist them in embracing fresh perspectives on their challenges and nurturing solution-oriented mindsets.

Embarking on one of our programmes marks the beginning of a transformative "journey within," fostering clarity and insight while nurturing empowering habits. Through our guidance, professionals accelerate their career growth and unlock their talent whilst cultivating their happiness and well-being.

Employing a blend of performance frameworks, coaching activities, and probing techniques, we unlock our clients' potential and catalyse positive changes in both their personal and professional lives.

Our Services

What's included in our coaching programmes?

  • Career Audit

Self-led reflective questionnaire to prioritise the areas of focus to enhance your career happiness.

  • Individual coaching sessions at a convenient time

Define your career vision 

Create action plan to turn your ambition into reality

Gain awareness and address self-sabotage behaviours and limiting beliefs

Rewire your mindset for confidence and positivity

Develop habits for your wellbeing at work

Train your brain for creative thinking and problem solving

Identify realistic and motivating steps that will have a high impact on your career happiness

Additional coaching sessions can be purchased at a reduced rate

  • Transformational activities tailored to your needs
    This is entirely based on what we will discuss during the sessions
    These activities are designed to help you overcome some of your career challenges, think creatively about possibilities and solutions to move forward
    (E.g of activities: Career Mind map, Career Success Mindset Book, Confidence meditation, Screen of Strength, etc.) 


  • Email & Text support
    You have a coach in your back pocket for the duration of the programme.

Zest Ambition is a catalyst for positive and sustainable change in people, careers and businesses. 

Kind words from our clients

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