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Gift a life-changing coaching experience this Christmas

Christmas Star

Give a loved one the key to infuse happiness to their career 

If you are looking for an original gift idea that is respectful of the environment and has long lasting benefits...


How about getting your loved ones an opportunity to work on their dreams and desires? And if they don't have dreams, we figure them out together so they feel a regained sense of energy and motivation to live their life to the fullest.

They become the best version of themselves at home and at work. They are aware of their strengths and realise their potential. This gift will enhance their confidence, their resilience and will make them ready to reach a new level of happiness.

What is included in the gift certificates?


Activity to identify which areas of life or elements of their career or business that need the most attention to increase our sense of fulfillment and achievement.

1, 3 OR 6

You can pick a package with either 3 or 6 personal coaching sessions. Each session lasts 60 minutes and can be scheduled directly with the gift recipient at a convenient time during the week or weekend. 

Reflection tracker

The tracker allows your loved ones to uncover deep insights about themselves and what would make them happier. It is tailored to each client based on our coaching conversations during each session.



What happens in between sessions is often just as important as what happens during the sessions. I am here to support your loved ones through their successes, discoveries and reflections throughout the whole course of their programme.

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The gift cards

<< They look like this

The gift card is sent to you via email within 12 hours after purchase and there is also an option to receive a printed version of the gift card in a nice personalised envelope, ready to slide under your Christmas tree.

The gift card is valid for 1 year and redeemable from January 2021.

Gift Card


The charity chosen is Mind to help people impacted by the historic rise in mental health challenges due to the pandemic.

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About me

I worked for over a decade with businesses such as The Wall Street Journal, Zipcar, Bloomberg, The Times, etc. to create unique and engaging customer experiences so they could grow their online revenue.

After becoming a mum, I transitioned my career to start my own coaching practice and support people feeling stuck, doubtful or demotivated find their way to a brighter future. 

My approach to coaching is gentle and holistic (we can cover any topic). I pride myself in striking a fine balance during my sessions between genuine kindness and gentle challenge to help my clients evolve the lense they use to analyse life events.

About me


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