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We Foster Talent & Leadership Development

Harness the power of coaching to unlock growth opportunities for yourself, your people and your business. 

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We collaborate with individuals and organisations to provide tailored coaching, training, and professional development programmes. Our ambition is to empower leaders and their teams with the confidence and expertise to excel, lead with influence, and yield tangible returns on your investment in their growth.

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This is an opportunity to determine if we can help you and if so, the best way for us to work together. Packages are personalised and catered to most budgets for individuals and businesses.


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Meet the founder

Hello there, I'm Mathilde but you can call me Mattie.


I am an ICF certified coach and positive psychology practitioner. Before entering the world of personal development, I spent over a decade in the corporate world developing digital strategies for businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.


This gave me a great deal of exposure to some of the most amazing work environments where employees thrive but also some of the more dysfunctional ones which often lead to work fatigue, anxiety, frustration and sometimes burnout. ​

Today, I believe that we can overcome some of the big societal, economical and environmental issues of our time by increasing the number of happy, conscious and inspired professionals. I am on a mission to make this happen.


I am a woman, a mother and a foreigner who stand for ethical and respectful work environments. I am passionate about helping people consciously lead themselves as well as their teams and businesses. 

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